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Eveoh develops software for educational institutions, where we focus on improving delivery of information to students and employees. We do this by integration of information systems in existing systems, and by creating new and innovative solutions.

You might know us from MyTimetable, our flagship product that offers up-to-date and personalised timetables to over 300,000 students.

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Avatar Mike Noordermeer SSL/TLS, ciphers, perfect forward secrecy and Tomcat

Mike Noordermeer | Published February 5, 2014 |

Over the last years, a lot has happened in SSL/TLS land. In 2011, the BEAST attack made it possible to decrypt session cookies. As a countermeasure, many people started preferring RC4 ciphers. Most vendors released security patches, lessening the need for server-side mitigations. Since RC4 is showing more and more weaknesses, this was probably a good thing. In this post we will explore the state of affairs regarding TLS when using Apache Tomcat, and we will try to find an optimal configuration.

Avatar Marco Krikke MyTimetable News January 2014

Marco Krikke | Published January 14, 2014 |

First off, all the best for 2014 on behalf of the whole team at Eveoh. 2013 has been a great year in which we focused on improving maintainability of MyTimetable and upgrading customers to a recent version of MyTimetable. We released four new MyTimetable versions and welcomed valued new customers. For 2014, we will continue improving MyTimetable and expanding our business, and will release some frequently requested new features. More on that will be communicated in a future newsletter.

Avatar Mike Noordermeer MyTimetable 2.1, 2.2 and versioning policy

Mike Noordermeer | Published May 28, 2013 |

Over the past year it may have been quiet on this blog, but we have not been sitting on our hands. We upgraded our web sites (more on that later, in another post) and in January we started upgrading our clients to Mytimetable 2.1. Recently, we upped the version number to 2.2. This post gives an overview of the changes and explains our versioning policy.