Avatar Tom Verhoeff TU Delft MyTimetable 1.1

Tom Verhoeff | Published June 1, 2010

A few days ago we delivered version 1.1 of the MyTimetable Blackboard module to the Delft University of Technology. The module is now compatible with Blackboard 9.1 and some minor problems have been solved. The new version will be available on Blackboard soon.

Full list of fixes:

  • Fix URL for BB 9.1. Now uses PluginUtil to get the correct URL, so it works in all versions.
  • Fix BB 9.1 UserDataService exception with workaround.
  • Fixes nullpointer when looking at activities without module.
  • Fixes #39 auto period selection at export.
  • Clientside properties introduced.
  • ClientConfiguration introduced.
  • Ignore compiled classes.
  • Fixes smaller top frame.
  • Moved export format to nice place and gave it a better name.
  • Fixed #37: Gebruikersprofiel leegmaken
  • Serverside implementation of ‘clear schedule’ for #37
  • Fixed #40 – huidige datum in bestandsnaam export
  • Fixed #38 – Datepicker breder maken
  • Font size tabs aangepast
  • TabLayoutPanel styling gefixt voor GWT 2.0.3
  • GWT upgrade to 2.0.3
  • Small changes to make source MySQL compatible