Avatar Mike Noordermeer MyTimetable 1.5.5 released

Mike Noordermeer | Published April 18, 2011

Eveoh released MyTimetable version 1.5.5, including some new features and minor changes to the source.

OAuth 2.0 provider

MyTimetable now ships with a OAuth 2.0 provider to offer authorization to third-party clients. Users of MyTimetable can give external applications read-access to their personal schedule, in a way also provided by, for example, Facebook and Twitter. Users stay in control of their data, it is possible to revoke access to their data at any time.

The OAuth 2.0 mechanism is already in use by Dutch startup Calendar42, in order to give students personalized recommendations for their to be launched calendar service.

xCal output

Next to our iCalendar feed, we added an XML variant of iCalendar to the MyTimetable output formats. The xCal format contains the same information as the iCalendar output and is easily parsed by third-party XML parsers.

Other changes and fixes

  • Added configuration of MyTimetable via the BlackBoard administration pages
  • Added configurable export link to third-party applications
  • Introduced settings dialog for end-users
  • Fixes in BlackBoard module import
  • iCal4j upgrade to latest version
  • Several fixes in configuration handling and error handling
  • Several fixes in the location view