Avatar Marco Krikke Inholland University chooses MyTimetable

Marco Krikke | Published May 3, 2011

Inholland University is going to use Eveoh’s MyTimetable to present timetables to their students and staff members. Inholland University is the fourth university of applied sciences in The Netherlands, with over 34,500 students and about 2,200 employees. Inholland University is the third large Dutch educational institution that chooses MyTimetable, next to Delft University of Technology and Radboud University.

With the introduction of MyTimetable, students have access to a profile with their personalized timetable. Timetables can be exported to a printable PDF format, but can also be linked to, for example, Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook or a smartphone. This link provides an up-to-date timetable for students, so changes in schedules are never overlooked.


MyTimetable will be integrated in both Blackboard and the Inholland Insite intranet. For Blackboard, the existing building block will be used, showing the upcoming five activities in a student’s timetable. For the Insite intranet, which is a Microsoft SharePoint portal, a web part will be developed with similar functionality.

To immediately present a timetable to a student, authentication is performed via single sign-on.

Technical features

For Inholland University, some technical features are added to MyTimetable.

  • Support for Syllabus Plus studentset groups
  • Filtering on location and department when adding a studentset group
  • Microsoft SharePoint web part to display the upcoming activities in a timetable
  • Windows authentication using Kerberos
  • Loadbalancing


Marco Krikke, +31 15 700 9707, info@eveoh.nl