Avatar Marco Krikke Quick implementation of MyTimetable at University College West Flanders

Marco Krikke | Published October 27, 2011

This academic year University College West Flanders (Howest) from Belgium started using Eveoh’s MyTimetable to present timetables to their students and staff members. Howest is a rapidly growing university with over 6,000 students, offering both Bachelors and Masters Degree programmes. The university has campuses in Bruges and Courtray and is part of the Ghent University Association.

Howest was looking to replace the Scientia Web Server (SWS) timetable interface to improve timetable information for their students. Olivier Sourie, Coordinator ICTO at Howest says:

Academic year 2010-2011 was the first year we fully relied on Syllabus Plus for our timetables. The SWS viewer was available to provide timetable information. Soon it turned out we would not be able to adjust SWS to our specific user requirements.

We started looking for a more user friendly alternative and in June we encountered Eveoh. It appeared to be almost impossible to fully adjust a new piece of software to the needs of Howest and make it available before the start of the new academic year (19 September). A miracle had to happen.

A full implementation of MyTimetable was executed within the timeframe of one month. This included establishing the required infrastructure and both installing and configuring the new software.

Thanks to all the feedback received from the Howest, MyTimetable has been improved even more in usability and more functionality was added. MyTimetable now supports weekend schedules and a graphical week view in the location viewer.

Olivier Sourie is very satisfied with the results achieved:

The first version of MyTimetable for Howest was available for testing in the middle of August. One week before the actual start of the academic year the full implementation of MyTimetable was finished.

What we never dared to dream has come true in the end. Eveoh’s people succeeded in delivering a decent application within a record time. They managed to take our many specific timetable requirements into account. This application now provides timetabling information to all our students and staff members in a very user-friendly way.

In short, we are very satisfied with the cooperation and successful realisation. MyTimetable is highly recommended for every university that wants to give its students and staff members a treat.

Eveoh is very satisfied with the result at Howest. The successful implementation and the positive feedback prove it is possible to create a tailored installation of MyTimetable within a very short timeframe. Projects like this one at Howest fit perfectly into our mission of providing as many students as possible with optimal information.


Marco Krikke, +31 15 700 9707, info@eveoh.nl