Avatar Mike Noordermeer Overview of new features and changes in MyTimetable 1.7.0

Mike Noordermeer | Published January 30, 2012

Over the last months we have been providing customers with updates to MyTimetable and currently we are at version 1.7.0. We thought it would be nice to give our users an update on the changes included in this latest version. This post lists the changes and gives a sneak peek on upcoming features.

Some changes come from the requirements specifications of new (yet to be announced) customers, like extra views or new authenticators. Other changes are part of our ongoing efforts to make MyTimetable the best presentation solution for timetables. Currently we are stabilizing our code base in anticipation of a go live at several new customer sites, after which our software assurance customers will have the option to upgrade to the latest MyTimetable version.

In the upcoming months we will be transforming our code base to incorporate a more service-oriented approach. This will open up the opportunity for other applications to use timetable data through SOAP and REST style web services, without being tied to specific timetabling providers or databases. Also, support will be added for several new timetabling solutions, like Serco CMIS.

Below is a summary of new features, changes and bug fixes in MyTimetable 1.7.0.

Feature additions

  • Added day view (both to timetable view as well as location view)
  • Rewrote export period / week dialog to provide better user experience
  • Added option to allow subscribing to staff member timetables only when authenticated
  • Added a notification dialog and a notification feed for user configured system messages
  • Added OpenSSO authentication provider
  • Activity details dialog will now scroll if the list of locations / staff members is too large
  • Number of locations or staff members shown in the list view can be limited, and the separator can be customized
  • Added possibility to use different filter lists (department group / department / zone / programme of study) for the various subscription types
  • PDF export support for exports on a 5 minute timescale (instead of 15)
  • Added option to display a message when a day has no activities scheduled
  • Error messages close ‘on click’ now, instead of after a certain amount of time
  • Added option to override reporting database start and end times in the interface
  • Reworked LDAP authenticator to provide more flexibility
  • Added option to display a logo in the PDF exports

Technical improvements and bug fixes

  • Several timezone fixes for Europe/London timezone
  • Fixed PDF downloads in Blackboard when using SSL and IE7
  • Optimized RPC communication (uses native types more often, which results in less traffic and better performance)
  • Improved internal caching of large resultsets (list of student sets, programmes etc.)
  • Updated dependencies to latest versions (Apache CXF, Hibernate, Apache Commons components, log4j, slf4j, OpenCSV, Jackson, MySQL connector)
  • Rewrote build system to use Gradle instead of Apache Ant
  • Improved HTTP caching headers
  • Improved session timeout detection
  • Return HTTP 404 instead of HTTP 500 when the database name given by the user (in URL etc.) is unknown