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Marco Krikke | Published May 25, 2012

With the launch of MyTimetable at University of Applied Sciences Leiden and Nyenrode Business University, MyTimetable is now available to over 100,000 students in The Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom. MyTimetable has been significantly changed to be able to support other timetabling software more easily.

So far, all customers using MyTimetable used the Scientia Syllabus Plus timetabling software. MyTimetable originally was built to work with Syllabus Plus only. However, at Nyenrode Business University, an internally developed web service is being used to publish timetabling data.

By supporting the Nyenrode timetabling web service, a profound step has been made for the support of other data sources by MyTimetable. A large part of the MyTimetable backend has been rewritten to be able to add support for other timetabling software more easily in the future.

Renske Siskens, web editor at Nyenrode about the result:

Students responded enthusiastically with the introduction of MyTimetable. They find it very convenient and are happy with recent developments.

Since the start of the new study period, MyTimetable is also available to the students of University of Applied Sciences Leiden. MyTimetable has been extended with some new functionality, such as a day view, search, iCalendar feeds per timetable and colours per timetable.

Haico Bianchi, manager projects & innovation at University of Applied Sciences Leiden:

It took a while before we were able to go into production, but the results are impressive. We only recently started to use MyTimetable, but the responses by students and staff members are simply great. The timetables are up-to-date and can be consulted using several devices. In these days, this is a must for our students and staff members.


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