Avatar Marco Krikke TEDxDelftSalon talk: Innovating university life through Open Data

Marco Krikke | Published May 21, 2012

Wednesday 23 May, Eveoh’s Tom Verhoeff will talk about Innovating university life through Open Data, during his TEDxDelftSalon talk.

Open Data has become an important trend on the web during recent years. More and more people start believing that data should be available for use free of restrictions. Initiatives like Data.gov and “Hack de Overheid” pressure government institutions to release data that was paid for by taxpayer-money.

At the same time business on the web is changing. Companies like eBay, Twitter and Facebook realized a website alone limits their reach. They increased their own business potential by opening up through open APIs (Application Programming interface). Not only did this bring a huge growth to their business, it created an ecosystem of companies that built their own businesses on top of these open APIs.

Opening up data through open APIs is a huge opportunity to both inspire innovation and improve your own service offering at the same time. Why should a university invest in opening up its data? And what kind of data and applications should it be focused on? In his talk Tom will discuss how answers to these questions will make life at the university better for everyone.

This talk will take place at Wednesday 23 May 2012 from 12:30 until 13:30 in the Orange Room at TU Delft Library. RSVP at Facebook. Registration is mandatory and lunch is included.