Avatar Marco Krikke MyTimetable News January 2014

Marco Krikke | Published January 14, 2014

First off, all the best for 2014 on behalf of the whole team at Eveoh. 2013 has been a great year in which we focused on improving maintainability of MyTimetable and upgrading customers to a recent version of MyTimetable. We released four new MyTimetable versions and welcomed valued new customers. For 2014, we will continue improving MyTimetable and expanding our business, and will release some frequently requested new features. More on that will be communicated in a future newsletter.

In this newsletter:

  • MyTimetable 2.5 released
  • MyTimetable User Group
  • Integration with Blackboard and Sakai
  • Browser support
  • Documentation improvements

MyTimetable 2.5 released

Recently, MyTimetable 2.5 has been launched at the first customer site. This release marks a milestone that wraps up some major projects.

For MyTimetable 2.4, a lot of effort has been put into supporting multiple data sources, for example Syllabus Plus databases for two active study years. Users do not have to explicitly choose a data source anymore, which improves usability significantly. At the same time, support has been added for integration with other data sources, such as a general activity calendar and other student-specific activities that have been scheduled using another application.

With MyTimetable 2.5, it is now possible to merge multiple data sources. This enables merging multiple Syllabus Plus reporting databases for one study year, for example one database for each semester.

A full list of changes can be found in the MyTimetable release notes:

Upgrading to the latest MyTimetable version is free of charge for customers with a Software Assurance or All-in support agreement. If you would like to update your MyTimetable installation, please contact us at support@eveoh.nl.

MyTimetable User Group

In the second quarter of 2014, we will be organising a meet-up for our Dutch and Belgian customers, which will be about MyTimetable and timetables in general. During this meet-up, we will of course present our plans for the future. Also, we would like to discuss timetabling presentation and integration of timetabling data with our customers.

Although this first meet-up will focus on our Dutch and Belgian customers, we are very keen to have your input. What subjects would you like to be discussed? Or perhaps you might have some other suggestions? Please let us know at info@eveoh.nl. Many thanks in advance for your input.

The proceedings of the meet-up will be available in English for all our customers. Also, we are highly considering organising a meet-up for our UK based customers. We will keep you posted on this.

Integration with Blackboard and Sakai

We believe timetables should be available where users expect them to be. Next to our (mobile) web interface, we therefore integrate with external calendar applications such as Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar. MyTimetable also offers an extensive API to give external applications access to timetabling data.

MyTimetable also integrates with electronic learning environments. Our Blackboard building block has been completely renewed, and now uses the MyTimetable API to request timetabling data. We recommend existing users of the building block to update to the latest version, and we would be happy to assist you with this upgrade. Support for the old building block will be deprecated from MyTimetable 2.5.

We have also released a tool for Sakai CLE, which, just as the Blackboard building block, displays the upcoming activities for the logged in user.

BlackBoard building block showing upcoming activities

Both the Blackboard building block and the Sakai CLE tool are available at GitHub. Both projects have been licensed under a open source license, and all source code is available:

We would gladly assist you in integrating timetabling data with third party applications, and are of course available for support in using our API.

Browser support

After careful consideration, we have decided to deprecate support for Internet Explorer 7 and Opera 12 as of MyTimetable 2.4. At the moment, we do support these browsers to the extent possible, but in future MyTimetable versions, this support will be dropped.

We are aware that some customers are still using Internet Explorer 7, although even for these customers, less than 3% of all visitors are using IE7. We strongly recommend these customers to upgrade to Internet Explorer 10 or higher, or offer another more recent web browser. This will not only improve end user experience, but also offers users a safe and fast way to access the Internet.

Documentation improvements

Recently, we have significantly extended the online documentation for MyTimetable. The existing installation manual, administration manual, and API documentation have been extended. Also, documentation has been added regarding the underlying architecture of MyTimetable.

All documentation can be found at our wiki. Please contact us if you have any remarks or any suggestions for improvement.