Avatar Marco Krikke Announcing direct integration with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 and Google Apps for Education

Marco Krikke | Published March 24, 2015

MyTimetable now offers integration of personalised timetables for on-premises calendar platform Microsoft Exchange, and cloud-based platforms Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps for Education and Google Calendar. Timetable activities become appointments in the user’s main calender, allowing students and staff to easily schedule meetings based on complete availability information, and share their presence information, greatly improving user experience.

Timetables integrated in your main calendar

iCalendar subscriptions have been supported by MyTimetable for years, and allow any calender application that supports the iCalendar format to be linked to MyTimetable. One major drawback of iCalendar subscriptions is they do not become part of the user’s calendar – calendar subscriptions are considered a separate calendar. As a result, user timetables linked using an iCalendar subscription are not taken into account in availability information when planning a meeting, and are not considered in presence information.

Our direct integration with leading calendar platforms solves this problem. Timetable activities are pushed into the user’s main calendar as appointments, becoming part of availability information and presence status.

Timetables as appointments, integrated in the main calendar

Up-to-date availability information is shared with other users, including timetabled activities, making it easy for both staff and students to plan appointments.

Easy plan appointments with co-workers

Presence information shared between users

Unified communications products, such as Microsoft Lync, support automated presence information based on your calendar. By making your timetable part of your calendar, presence information is more accurate.

Presence information in Microsoft Lync

Selective synchronisations

Students and staff can select which timetables they want to have synchronised to their calendar. Lecturers can for example add and view other lecturer’s timetables in MyTimetable, but limit synchronisation to their own timetable.

Both opt-in and opt-out supported

Push synchronisation is offered as an opt-in and an opt-out option. Using opt-in, users have to manually connect MyTimetable to their calendar by one simple action in MyTimetable. Institutions can also by default enable the synchronisation for (a group of) users using the opt-out model.

Successful opt-in connection

Cancel push synchronisations

Users can cancel push synchronisations from MyTimetable. Synchronised activities from their timetable can be automatically removed again, if required. It is also possible to leave the calendar appointments in place, or remove only future activities.

Key benefits

  • Personalised timetable becomes part of your main calendar
  • Up-to-date availability information for other users
  • Push based: MyTimetable determines the update frequency
  • No separate calendar that is hidden to other users, as with iCalendar subscriptions

Available now

Our integration of personalised timetables with on-premises calendar platform Microsoft Exchange, and cloud-based platforms Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps for Education and Google Calendar, is available now and supported as of MyTimetable 3.0.

Since this is a major new feature that also requires some infrastructure changes and set up on the Exchange/Google side, implementation of this feature is done on a per-customer basis and involves some additional consulting and support hours. Please contact us for more information.

What’s up next?

We are working very hard on incremental synchronisations, only pushing timetable changes to the user’s calendar. This vastly improves performance, making possible a very high update frequency.

Detecting timetable changes can also be used to notify users, for example when a class has been moved or cancelled, or the lecture room has changed. We are still looking for sponsors for this project. Please contact us if you are interested in timetabling notifications.


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