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Marco Krikke | Published March 23, 2015

Distance learning, including Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), is a hot topic in education. Universities and Higher Education institutions compete in providing more or better courses, more personalized programs, and better services. After all, it is the one with the best offering that gets the most students.

There are still complex challenges in realizing the distance learning visions of most institutions. It can be difficult for students to engage in courses; it is difficult to get personalized timetables; information required to join virtual lectures is hard to find; students have to have specific software or a specific device to join virtual lectures; and planning and execution is complex for both teachers and planners.

The partnership between Eveoh and Pexip seeks to simplify this once and for all. It ties Pexip’s media platform closely with Eveoh’s leading timetable publication platform MyTimetable and the industry’s leading timetabling and resource planning tool for Higher Education, Government, and Private sectors – Scientia Syllabus Plus.

MyTimetable virtual lecture interface

Students’ benefits

Students want virtual lectures that are easy to join from a variety of devices and locations, and directly from their personalized timetable. They demand great customer experiences –- both from a planning and presentation point of view, as well as from an engagement point of view.

Quality matters to achieve student retention – their experience is related to not only one, but all parts of the solution – from the quality of the course to simply joining and engaging.

Eveoh and Pexip solve this in a simple manner. With an easy to understand, and comprehensive personalized timetable, many challenges are quickly addressed:

  • Personalized timetables are available on all the students’ devices using MyTimetable.
  • Students join virtual lectures from their personalized timetable just by clicking a single button, greatly improving user experiences.
  • Virtual lectures -– in high definition -– can be joined from virtually any web browser and device without the need to even install custom software or apps.

The result is improved student performance through better grades, more satisfied students, and better institution performance.

Virtual lecture in the MyTimetable mobile interface
Connect to a virtual lecture from the MyTimetable mobile interface

Lecturers’ benefits

Lecturers want the simplest, most predictable, and easiest-to-use experience. It must be easy to engage, interact with, and retain students during lectures, without having to worry about technical difficulties. Starting a lecture should be as simple as showing up where the lecture takes place; in a lecture theater, an auditorium, an office, or a dedicated broadcast room, and just start teaching.

With Eveoh and Pexip, it is that simple. Fundamental functions are seamlessly integrated in the lecturer workflow:

  • All staff timetables are available in MyTimetable.
  • Scheduled virtual lectures automatically start at the beginning of the lecture, using the equipment available in the room.
  • The lecturer does not need to dial in, or perform any manual actions.

Orchestrating a distance learning class should be that easy. With focus taken off the technology, and directed towards the lecturing, students’ performance, retention and results all improve.

Timetable planners / administrative staff

Again, simplicity, usability and predictability are key elements to a highly functional and well-integrated virtual lecturing solution. In order to best utilize both human and non-human resources, plan the academic workload of lecturers and students, as well as to optimizing timetables, it is important that solutions are intuitive and easy to use.

The Eveoh / Pexip solution solves all of these challenges for virtual lectures, and much more:

  • All virtual lectures are fully administrated from the timetabling system (Scientia’s Syllabus Plus).
  • Pexip enables recording lectures with existing equipment.
  • Whether or not to record a lecture is fully managed from Syllabus Plus.
  • Requires very little training for staff.

Connect to Pexip from the browser

Additional benefits for the learning institution

In addition to having a better, and more structured distance learning strategy that is easy to understand and engage with for everybody, the institution will benefit on several additional levels.

The Eveoh / Pexip solution opens up the possibility to use multiple rooms for a single lecture. Timetabling staff just assigns multiple rooms in the timetable system, and all rooms will automatically join the lecture. Not only does this allow for using multiple smaller rooms for a lecture, for example when an unexpected amount of students enroll for a course, but it also enables inter-campus teaching.

In addition, several other opportunities arise, for instance:

  • Enhanced collaboration between institutions through shared programs.
  • Enable teaching courses that can be educated online, saving money on physical rooms and buildings.
  • Institutions can easily share classes online, by recording them and making them available for online consumption, for example for students to prepare for exams, or as part of a MOOC.
  • Host live events by streaming them online.
  • Rent out capacity to external parties that require remote communication capabilities.

Of course, these are some of the general benefits for institutions engaging in distance learning. But the fact is, with better planning and easier to use systems and resource management, it is also easier to benefit from the systems already in place.

Managing and administrating a technology solution for large distance learning institutions must be easy for the IT department too. Using industry standard environments, such as virtualized software (for VMware, Microsoft, and generic hypervisors) and industry standard management features, Pexip Infinity is easy to deploy, manage, and use, even for small IT teams. Everything can be managed from a single location, no matter how large or complex the solution is.

What’s more?

The Pexip Infinity media engine that lies at the heart of media management and video communications is the world’s leading meeting platform. It incorporates numerous features specifically designed to support the requirements of Higher Education and distance learning institutions, for instance:

  • Lecture mode; specifically designed Virtual Auditoriums for one-to-many, or several-to-many modes.
  • Presenter-only modes; only show the lecturer, prevent students from seeing each other.
  • Direct engagement modes; allow students to engage back.
  • Support MOOCs through direct streaming capabilities – even stream directly to YouTube for mass consumption.
  • Output to recording devices and CDN solutions that enables lectures to be recorded and consumed at any time and from any device.
  • Messaging and chat functionalities in virtual lectures.

Bottom line

Pexip and Eveoh’s collaboration simplifies distance learning at all levels; for students, lecturers, planners, and management. Simplified use and administration both increase engagement and performance of students and staff. And, with greatly improved end-user experiences, student performances rise, lecturers are more confident, and institutions provide better and more desirable services to their demanding students.

Connect to Pexip via Microsoft Lync

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