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Marco Krikke | Published March 8, 2016

MyTimetable now offers the possibility to share room and study space availability around campus. Students can easily locate nearby available rooms for meeting or studying. It is even possible to use existing people count software to display the number of study spaces available in a room.

The Room Availability add-on is a perfect solution for institutions that want to further improve their online services to students. Next to this, the add-on helps with improving room utilisation, therefore using available real estate in a more cost effective manner.

Showing availability

The Room Availability add-on shows the current availability of a (subset of) rooms, grouped by building. For each room, it is shown whether a room is currently available (green), unavailable (red), or will be unavailable soon (orange). The add-on also shows until what time a room is available.

The add-on can be used from the browser on a smartphone, tablet, desktop computer and digital signage solution.

Utilizing GPS

When used on a GPS enabled device, the available rooms are sorted on current distance to the user. This way, nearby available rooms are shown first, which is convenient when searching for an available room on a larger campus.

In order to use this feature, GPS coordinates of all campus buildings need to be available.

Support for People Count software

Information from a people counting solution, for example the number of available study spaces in a room, can be displayed by the Room Availability add-on as well. When a room is fully utilised, it will show unavailable. A room will be marked orange when it has a high utilisation.

Please contact us for more information on how to integrate with your people counting solution.

Managing additional availability restrictions

An availability editor can be used to manage additional availability restrictions. The editor can be used to, for example, define global opening hours. This prevents rooms showing up as available when a building is closed.

It is possible to define an availability pattern on a global level, and override global settings on a building or room level. One-off overrides can be defined for specific dates, for example to close the institution during Holidays, to close a building for maintenance, or to open specific rooms for exams during evening hours.

Availability Editor


A RESTful API is available, which returns the same data as shown in the Room Availability add-on. Using this API, availability information can be integrated into existing portals and apps used by the institution.

Available now

The MyTimetable Room Availability add-on is available now. Please contact us for more information on pricing for your specific situation. The Room Availability add-on requires MyTimetable.


We would like to sincerely thank University of Exeter for sponsoring this project, and providing us with valuable feedback.


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