Avatar Mike Noordermeer New support portal

Mike Noordermeer | Published March 18, 2020

We have introduced a new support portal for our users. This allows us to work more efficiently, and allows you to have a better overview of your open questions and problems.

The new system was already introduced in January, but we have now opened the support portal for our end users. You can visit the new portal at https://support.eveoh.nl.

If you have mailed with us previously, we will have to send you an activation mail to set your password. You can request that activation mail through support@eveoh.nl. Once activated, you can login to the portal to have an overview of your open issues and can create new requests through the portal.

We strongly encourage you to send all your questions and problems to support@eveoh.nl or use the new portal to submit your requests. This way we can keep track of your issues and make sure somebody is always available to respond to your issues. Please do not email your support questions to individual, personal email addresses.

In the future we may introduce additional functionality through this portal. For now our documentation remains at https://wiki.eveoh.nl.